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The Yoga Kitchen Cookbook contains 100 Easy Superfood Recipes and will inspire you to create delicious, simple, satisfying and nutritious meals that will appeal to the whole family.
All the recipes are gluten, grain and dairy free, and based on the ‘Food Combining’ principles that promote good digestion and nutrient absorption, weight loss and an alkaline body.

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Winter Gut Food Guide

Could it be that optimal health, mood and our ability to fight disease resides in our gut?

My GUT FOOD GUIDE explains which foods and lifestyle practices promotes optimal gut health as well as diving in a little deeper into how our immunity, risk of inflammation, mood and weight management can be influenced by our gut health.

Extras include:

  • Gut healing breakfast & lunch recipes
  • Tips for gut friendly body care.
  • Which foods to avoid, as well as which foods and lifestyle practices promote thriving gut health.