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Book a The Travelling Yoga Kitchen evening:

Host a Traveling Yoga Kitchen Cooking & Nutrition workshop at your home.

Hostesses will enjoy the evening free of charge

I will demonstrate 3x #gutfriendly, #hormonebalancing, #naturalweightloss & #brainhealthy meals that we will enjoy together with a glass of wine while I share my easy everyday health hacks and food philosophy to make your journey to radiant health effortless and joyful.14R500 per person – includes a selection of delicious dishes to enjoy, and inspiring workshop & recipes. Hostesses enjoys the evening free of charge!

My upcoming workshop’s 

  • What the Heck  Should I eat! – Exploring the principles of eating for longevity and your best health, regardless of your diet preferences – 14 September @ M’s at Constantia Village 2pm-5:30pm

R350 per person

For more information/ to book mail 

My upcoming Retreats; The Joyful Retreat

4-7 May 2020 @ Somerset Gift Getaway Farm

This retreat will be all about discovering the everyday  activities we can find joy and contentment in, as well as choosing the best food & self care practices for ourselves to live our healthiest and most happiest lives. You are bound to meet some lovely like minded souls and have the opportunity to feel inspired to expand and thrive within gentle circle of like minded souls.

Somerset Gift is nestled in a magnificent valley at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, it’s the perfect natural setting to reconnect and renew.

The retreat will include:

  • 5 yoga classes (restorative vinyasa flow for all levels)
  • 3 hour NUTRITION & SELF-CARE workshop shedding light on simple and nourishing nutrition principles and daily self care practices to help you on your journey to your healthiest and happiest life.
  • 2 hour workshop by a surprise guest facilitator to awaken quiet joy and contentment.
  • 1 x 45 min body massage of your choice
  • delicious and nourishing meals including healthy deserts and smoothies.
  • cozy and tranquil accommodation
  • farm offerings – 3 x beautiful hikes  (and rock-pool swim’s), canoeing, or biking and paddle boarding (bring your own bike & board) to be enjoyed by participants in their own time should they wish.

R3500 per person for a sharing room with one other, OR

R4800 for a private room.

Above costs are all inclusive except for transport, but lift sharing can be facilitated. Email for more information