Secret Supper Club


And say goodbye to:

  • Bloating & Acid Re-Flux
  • Cold’s & Flu’s
  • Frequent Infections
  • IBS, auto immune disorders and yeast infections


• Spend NO TIME planning healthy meals, looking up recipes or drawing up shopping lists • Our GUT HEALTH PROMOTING INGREDIENTS will improve your mood & immune system • Follow our recipes & LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT effortlessly, without deprivation • Ensure the long term health of you and your loved ones


It’s no longer just a gut feeling. It’s a reality, current research & science is slowly discovering the immense and irrefutable evidence of how our Gut Health is the key to our best health. We can now go as far in saying that optimal health, mood and our ability to fight disease resides in our gut.

In fact our gut is now referred to as our ‘second brain’, we have always known that there is a communication pathway from our gut to the brain, but what science has discovered recently is that messages from the gut to brain doesn’t simply just say “feed me”, messages from the gut also tell our brain which foods to choose, in other words by restoring your gut health, your cravings can be controlled and changed from unhealthy- to healthy foods.

Similarly our gut microbes are also responsible for the synthesis of serotonin, by changing your gut health to a thriving, healthy microbiome, you can also move from chronic low mood to chronic good mood.

In our modern world where cancer, digestive- and auto-immune disease is rife, science is also discovering the connection between gut health and a strong or weak immune system. Our microbes are in charge of the correct gene expression, which means our microbes can switch gene expression on, or off. Our microbiome also has the ability to crowd out the bad guys, making our gut health the most essential component in a strong immune system that wages war against disease, not against our own bodies.

With this information at our disposal, we believe in eating for optimal Gut Health and our mission is to provide you with the recipes and food choices for thriving gut health.


  • We’re big, big fans of easy, cost effective super food meals. Our meals are planned with no food wastage in mind, as well as a sustainable food budget!
  • Our meal planning is for everyone, but recipe serving portions are based on serving two. There is however different strategies to employ depending on the number of people you’re planning for. If you’re flying solo then simply divide the recipe in half, or for a family of four double it up.
  • A lot of work: Not true. You do a bit of concentrated work up front, but it’s smooth sailing once you begin to make the shift. It takes as much work and time to cook unhealthy meals, as it takes to cook for thriving health.
  • Vegan? Vegetarian? No Problem, we offer animal protein alternatives. There’s so much room for experimentation, quick revisions, and customization in meal planning. It’s not set in stone and we are going to add tips and tools every month for recipe variations or alternatives to make life easier.


  • Counting nutrients, NOT calories. 
  • Feeding the right bacteria for natural weight-loss, a thriving immune system, great mood & gorgeous glowing skin and hair.
  • We keep it 98% sugar, wheat and refined flour free. You may find a teaspoon of sugar added here and there to regulate acidity in a recipe, but weighed up against pre-made meals you are still winning the battle against sugar.
  • Protein: Our current western diet which includes animal protein daily put’s strain on our kidneys, our planet and exposes us to second-hand antibiotics. It also deprives us of the essential amount of fiber we need for thriving gut health. We believe in a more plant-based diet and although some animal protein meals will be included, we’ll guide you through the shift to a more plant-based diet – your body will thank you.